Below are links to state, local, and federal agencies as well as additional resources for community members. 

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Federal Agencies

Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Region 10 (Pacific Northwest) Customer Service Line

Phone: toll-free line - 800-424-4372; Outside EPA Region 10 call 206-553-1200
Website with Contact Us Form
Type of Coverage: Staffed between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm (PST), Mon-Fri (except federal holidays).
Description: Serving Region 10 (AK, ID, OR, and WA).

Local Agencies

Chelan Douglas Health District - 509-886-6400

Chelan County PUD

Malaga Community Website

Malaga Post Office
Phone: 509-663-1793


Other Resources

Water Conservation & Usage

Drinking Water AdviceInformation from the Washington Department of Health about possible causes and corrections for stains in bathtubs and what to do for irregular tastes in your water. 

Water Conservation at Home - kid friendly conversation starters about reducing water use and saving water at home


The first thing you need determine is if the leak is inside your home or outside your home.  To determine if the leak is outside your home, turn off the main water valve to your home.  This is the valve that shuts off all the water to the inside of your house, NOT your water meter. Locate your water meter and check the RED dial.  If the dial is spinning and you have the water inside your home shut off at the valve, then your leak is in your service line (between your water meter and your shut off valve), If the RED dial is not spinning, turn your main shut off valve to your house water back on and check your meter again.  If the RED dial is now spinning, the leak is inside your home.  If the dial is still not spinning, you may have what is known as an intermittent leak (toilet, water softener, hot water tank something that does not leak constantly, but recycles water intermittently. You may have to watch your meter for several minutes to see of this is the type of leak that you have. If you have performed both of these tasks and the meter is not spinning, then most likely you don't have a leak.  Your meter is reading actual consumption.  Remember, during the Spring and Summer months, your water consumption normally increases due to several factors: washing your car, filling your pool, watering your yard/garden/plants, etc.

If you believe your consumption is due to a malfunctioning meter or other factor beyond your control, please call us and we will send out a crew to re-read your meter and be sure it is functioning properly.  If your meter is in fact properly functioning you will be billed $80 for this service.