Comprehensive Plan Update

The Malaga Water District has adopted an updated comprehensive plan, pending review by the Health District. The plan must be updated every six to ten years.  This plan shows how we will use our resources to maintain the water system, update aging infrastructure, and plan for new growth.  It also includes a water use efficiency plan.  We need all customers to be using less than 240 gallons per day by 2020 and less than 230 gallons per day by 2029.
You can read the details of the presentation to the board in the PDF below.  We encourage all customers to come to board meetings if they have questions.

2018 Comprehensive Plan

This information will be permanently kept on the website on the About page.

Public Meeting

In compliance with WAC 246-290-100(8) and WAC 246-290-830(4)(b), the Malaga Water District will be conducting a public meeting to present the first draft of the 2018 Comprehensive Water System Plan. Also during this meeting will be a discussion of the District’s existing Water Use Efficiency program and proposed changes. The District’s existing efficiency program and related documents can be viewed at the District office or at the links below.

You are welcome to attend the meeting at 7:00 pm Monday, September 17th at the District office, 3957 Malaga Avenue. All public comments will be recorded.

Water Usage Efficiency Background
Water Usage Efficiency Program Draft

New Payment Option

Malaga Water District is pleased to provide our customers with another option to pay their bills securely and online.  You may follow the link (red box in the sidebar or at the bottom of this post) to a secure portal to pay your bill.  You will need to know your account number and the total of your bill before you can pay.  

Please note that due to the fact that we are a public utility, all credit or debit card fees will be in addition to the amount due on your bill.

Point and Pay online portal

Cold Weather Water

Winter has arrived, or at least cold weather. Here are some suggestions to help
keep your water running during the winter.
Protect any outside faucets with coverings available at any hardware store.
Protect any exposed lines with heat tape or wrap them with insulation.
To help protect your meter, use Styrofoam insulation to surround the meter and
cover it.
The water is normally about 50 degrees. If temperatures drop drastically, you
could run a small amount of water to keep the lines from freezing. If you notice your
water running slowly and cold keep a small stream of water running to prevent a total freeze up.

Commissioner Passing

The Malaga Water District Board and staff would like to express our sincere condolences to the family of Glenn England, who passed away on August 25th, 2017.  His passing leaves a deep hole on the board from his many years of experience, first as the water district manager, and then as a member of the board.


Glenn W. England age 77 passed away on August 25th 2017 at his residence in Malaga. He was born to Joseph Nelson England and Olive “Evans” England on August 27th 1939 in Wenatchee WA. He attended Malaga and Wenatchee High School. Active in FFA programs. He enlisted in the army in 1959 where he served through 1961, during the Berlin crises as air craft mechanic and crew chief. He married Kathleen Jeanelle Luebber on June 23rd 1961. He was recalled later that year during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and was honorably discharged in 1965. He went on to ranch on the Colockum and in 1964 made their home of 53 years in Malaga. He worked in the Wenatchee Valley and was an active community member. He served on the Malaga fire department, Water District and community council. Glenn loved racing, jeeping, rodeos, his church and his beloved dog Scooter. He also enjoyed sharing the history of the Colockum Malaga area.
He was proceeded in death by his parents, sisters, one brother and wife Jeanelle. Survived by Roy England brother of Texas, Charollette (Bill) Dorsett of Yakima, Dawn “Carrie” (Bob) Stanton of Bellingham WA, Micah (Lisa) England of Malaga, Jared A (Dena) England of Kennewick WA. Grandparent to 9 wonderful grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. He also has extended family and friends in the area.

2017 Updated Information

As of January 2017 all of the papers that would normally be sent with your billing will now be housed on this website.  The current 2017 Consumer Confidence Report can be found under the resources tab, or by clicking on this link.  

Por favor siga el enlace mas arriba para el último informe de confianza del consumidor.

Under that tab you will also find our updated water rates as well as the letter to customers with a couple of policy changes.

This is a cost saving measure as well as a paper saving measure and you can now access this information at your convenience online.

If you are ever unable to pay your water bill for any reason, communication with the manager is best.  Please don't wait until your bill is past due or your water is turned off as there are fewer options for us to work with you at that point.


Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new Malaga Water District website.  We hope this site will be useful for finding information that you can use as a water district customer.  We will use this site to supplement the mailings you receive with your bill to save money on printing.  Look under the resources link for tips to keep your water safe.

Our continued goal as your elected water board is to provide you with safe, clean water at a reasonable price.

Check back here occasionally for news and photos of some of the maintenance and new projects we have going to keep our system up to date and expand as we get more homes in our area.

Don't forget to keep your water meter clear of debris and accessible to the staff so they can prep it for winter or do any maintenance needed!